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SpiceStore.HK respects the privacy rights of visitors to this site. SpiceStore.HK's personal data & privacy policy is formulated in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486). PURPOSE OF COLLECTION OF PERSONAL DATA A. PERSONAL DATA AND PRIVACY ORDINANCE

A.1 The Customer authorizes SpiceStore.HK to collect, retain and use personal information about the Customer for the following purposes: a. sending the Customer any advertising and/or promotional material; b. conducting research on new services for Customers; c. customizing pages for Customers and putting together Customer shopping lists; d. notifying Customers of special offers or new Products, updates to this site, promotions; e. performing statistical and analysis of Customers' behavior and characteristics in order to measure interest in and use of the various areas of the site and providing this information to advertisers together with information as to the number of users that have been exposed to or clicked on their banners; f. making such disclosures as may in SpiceStore.HK's opinion be required for any of the above purposes.

A.2 The Customer further authorizes SpiceStore.HK to collect personal information about the Customer from the Customer or any other source available to SpiceStore.HK including but not limited to credit referral agencies, the Customer's bank (present and past), any other suppliers of products and services to the Customer and other persons or companies with whom the Customer will have been associated.

A.3 The Customer is aware that in the event that sufficient personal information is not supplied, or is not satisfactory to SpiceStore.HK then his/her application for registration to SpiceStore.HK may not be accepted.

A.4 The Customer is aware that any personal information supplied by the Customer will be retained by SpiceStore.HK and will be accessible to SpiceStore.HK's employees and other persons or bodies corporate engaged by SpiceStore.HK for or in relation to any of the purposes stated in A.1 herein, or to third parties as stated in the Personal Data & Privacy Statement and the Customer authorizes SpiceStore.HK to disclose all or any part of any personal information provided by the Customer to such third parties.

A.5 The Customer acknowledges that SpiceStore.HK shall retain all personal information supplied by the Customer and may continue to contact the Customer with marketing information even after the Customer's registration is cancelled or withdrawn.


B.1 Personal data held by SpiceStore.HK relating to its online customers or to visitors to the site will be kept confidential but SpiceStore.HK may provide this information to third parties including but not limited to SpiceStore.HK advertisers, associated companies or contractors/agents or other network operators who perform certain tasks for SpiceStore.HK in connection with the provision of SpiceStore.HK's services to its online customers and to visitors to this site.

B.2 Any questions, comments, suggestions or information other than personal data sent or posted to the site, or any part of the site by visitors will be deemed voluntarily provided to SpiceStore.HK on a non-confidential and non-proprietary basis. SpiceStore.HK reserves the right to use, reproduce, disclose, transmit, publish, broadcast and/or post elsewhere such information freely, including passing it to any associated company for example, in connection with the development, manufacture and marketing of products and services and to meet customer needs.


All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that any personal data held by SpiceStore.HK on this site is stored in a secure and safe place. SpiceStore.HK may use 'cookies' on this site in order to : * enable tighter security * enable online customers to keep browsing and adding products to their shopping basket * personalise sites for customers * build online customer or visitor profiles Customer who wants to disallow cookies can do so on his or her Web browser.


This site may contain links to other sites and pages. By activating a link, such as for example by clicking on the banner of an advertiser, you leave this site and SpiceStore.HK does not exercise control over any personal data or any other information you give to any other entity after you have left this site.


E.1 The Customer is aware of his rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to have access to personal information held by SpiceStore.HK and to request correction of the information and to be informed of action taken in response to any such request and/or request that there be attached to the information a statement which the Customer can supply to SpiceStore.HK relating to the fact that the Customer has requested a correction. The Customer agrees to pay to SpiceStore.HK the reasonable charges requested by SpiceStore.HK in relation to the time and attendances involved in complying with the Customer's request in this regard.

E.2 If you have any questions regarding SpiceStore.HK's personal data & privacy policy or if you wish to request access to your personal data or if you wish to correct it you may email the Personal Data Officer

SpiceStore.HK reserves the right to charge you a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.

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